Who we are

We are mainly volunteers that work tirelessly to support men and their families in BC. Our small four-person office works closely with our volunteers to ensure that our events, programs and services continue to support and educate.


Prostate Cancer Foundation BC (previously named British Columbia Foundation for Prostate Disease) was formed in 1997 to: improve knowledge, prevention and treatment of Prostate Cancer.

The Foundation was formed in the Lower Mainland by Prostate Cancer support group members dedicated to the fight against Prostate Cancer. It is a non-profit organization under the Society Act devoted to promoting Prostate Cancer health and awareness, assisting support groups, supporting research dedicated to improve treatment, and finding a cure for Prostate Cancer.

Originally the Foundation was made up of Lower Mainland steering committee members, who were a group of Prostate Cancer survivors representing various support groups in the Lower Mainland. Some early initiatives of the Foundation were to affiliate themselves with the Canadian Prostate Cancer Network (CPCN) and hold a large fundraising event. The first fundraising event was the Do it for Dad Walk/Run which took place June 1999. That first event netted $25,000 for the Foundation and was the basis for the now very successful Father's Day Walk/Run for Prostate Cancer.

Annual Report

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Corporate Sponsors

Thank you to all our sponsors for their continual support to Prostate Cancer Foundation BC. Through their support, we are able to further the research and aid towards Prostate Cancer and treatment options.

If you would like to become a corporate sponsor to Prostate Cancer Foundation BC, please contact our office.