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What is Prostate Cancer ?


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Prostate Cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death in Canadian men (behind lung cancer).

Signs & Symptoms of Prostate Cancer
Father’s Day Walk / Run
June 21, 15

In Metro Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna, Fraser Valley and Victoria.

Ride to Live

May 31, 2015
Join us for the Van or Chiliwack ride, ending in BBQ, show and shine and celebrations.

Corporate Sponsors

Your Foundation represents many of B.C.'s Prostate Cancer patients, their family, and community, led and supported by many volunteers acting through awareness, information and support group programs. This information is available directly on our website or links to other worthy site resources.

The Foundation's fundraising provides the resources for these programs throughout B.C., to catalyst research projects and doctorial fellowships so that the best medical researchers have the equipment and resources to search for better treatment and a cure for Prostate Cancer.

We are now accepting applications for the PCFBC Grant-in-Aide program.